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Customers will receive:

  • To be notified by the agency receiving the application for registration of product announcement publicly the name and product of the organization or individual that has received the registration of the product announcement on the website of the company and the food safety database.

  • Committed to completing the work on schedule and the fastest execution time in the market.

  • Commitment to the most reasonable and economical service cost in the market.

  • Free regular legal advice for the first 3 months.

  • Ready to provide legal support 24/7 with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and meticulousness of the legal team of Siglaw.

The certificate of registered product declaration is the result of administrative procedures for product declaration with products that need to be registered for publication, which does not apply to self-declared products.

However, many are still confused when registering the product declaration with the competent authority because they do not fully understand the legal provisions.

In order to help individuals and businesses do it easily, saving time and effort for clients, Siglaw would like to provide consultation on applying for The certificate of registered product declaration as follows:

What is a certificate of registered product declaration?

A certificate of registered product declaration is the result of the product declaration  procedure, which is prescribed as the registration of publication for the competent state agency. 

Accordingly, organizations, businesses and individuals carry out the necessary procedures so that their products, including imported or domestically produced products and foods, are allowed to circulate on the market and reach consumers. 

The purpose of the certificate of registered product declaration is to ensure product quality standards, ensure the safety of users and product use and serve as a basis for administrative sanctions if there are any violations.

Organizations and individuals engaged in food production and trading must register the product declaration with the following products:

1. Dietary supplements, medical foods, food for special dietary uses.

2. Dietary products for children up to 36 months.

3. Mixed food additives with new uses, food additives that are not on the list of permitted food additives compiled by the Ministry of Health.

Why is it necessary to apply for a certificate of registered product declaration?

  • When a product is declared, it means that the product has quality criteria to ensure compliance with regulations. This creates the trust of the clients in producers and traders, contributing to improving the reputation of the producer. 

Therefore, making it easy for businesses to expand their markets and convince clients to accept the product.

  • Enterprises that fully comply with the product declaration procedures are complying with legal regulations in the field in which the unit engages in production and business activities.

  • Having a competitive edge over products of the same type but whose quality has not yet been declared. Therefore, the declaration of the product quality becomes an effective marketing tool for producers and traders.

  • Enterprises have their product declaration applications posted by the State management agency on the website of the competent authority. Thereby creating absolute trust for consumers and the market.

  • The product declaration that facilitates competition openly; transparency among manufacturers and traders about product quality before consumers.

  • The product disclosure is also a way to own and control production and business; on that basis will help manufacturers maintain stable quality; productivity improvement; reduce waste and reduce the rate of waste products through the process of maintaining production to ensure the declared quality.

Siglaw provides consultation on applying for a certificate of registered product declaration:

“Customer satisfaction is Siglaw's measure of success. With us, every customer is a brand ambassador!”

Therefore, Siglaw takes care of each customer in the most thoughtful way, when Siglaw provides consultation on certificate of registered product declaration , customers will receive full support as follows:

  1. Provide consultation and explain legal issues directly related to the registration of product declaration.

  2. Provide consultation to customers in preparing necessary documents for the procedure of registration of product disclosure, notarization, legalization of documents (if necessary).

  3. Guide clients to apply for the product declaration registration certificate.

  4. Provide guidance to compile the application for registration of the product declaration and submit it to the competent authorities.

  5. Monitor the progress of processing applications, supplement and adjust applications if required by competent agencies.

In order to be able to sell products, the immediate need for businesses is to sign up for a product declaration. The damage when not registering the product declaration can be extremely large, severely affecting the company's business process and may even end or collapse the company in just a short time. 

With the desire to bring the most effectiveness to clients, Siglaw will always strive to carry out the responsibility that clients place on Siglaw's shoulders with the most enthusiasm and care. Because, for Siglaw, we bring the values ​​and satisfaction to our clients is our happiness.

Service quality standards:

At Siglaw, with the slogan "Confidential - Responsible - Professional - Prestigious", we establish "Standards for providing services to customers" and all Siglaw's lawyers and experts always perform at the highest level:

1. High professional quality: Our legal services are always counseled and performed by lawyers and experts with deep professional knowledge and experience to ensure the consulting solutions are always accurate, comply with the law and bring high value to customers.
2. Confidentiality: Ensuring the security of customer information is, in any case, always one of our top priorities.
3. Punctuality: We guarantee to meet the requirements of the work deadlines. Accordingly, the work progress will always be closely followed and promptly informed to customers.
4. Quick response: Any exchange, contact or customer request will be responded to quickly, promptly or within 24 hours at the latest.
5. Integrity: We always maintain integrity in all cases, comply with regulations on professional ethics in all cases.
6. Professionalism: We bring professionalism in the deep legal knowledge of our team of Lawyers and Experts in any profession or field; professionalism in multilingual communication when customers always feel easy to exchange work with us in many different languages (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean); professionalism in attitude and working style with customers.
7. Enthusiasm and friendliness: We are always ready to support our customers to the best of our ability and in any case. We ensure that our clients always feel comfortable and at ease with friendly communication with any Lawyer.
8. Simple and Convenient: We always strive to find ways to provide our services in a way that makes our customers feel as comfortable and convenient as possible.
9. Value added: In the process of providing services, we always try our best to provide consulting options/suggestions to help customers compare and choose the best and complete solution.

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