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Introduction to SIGLAW

Siglaw Law Co., Ltd (SIGLAW FIRM) is a vital member of CALIGROUP. Siglaw was estalished in 2014, formerly known as FDI Investment Consulting Services Co., Ltd. We always make great effort to become one of the leading Law firms in Vietnam providing high quality and effective legal services to enterprises. In 2019, our company name changed into Siglaw Law Co., Ltd (SIGLAW FIRM). Our law firm is specialized in foreign investment advisory services, project investigation and investment consulting, corporate law consulting, corporate restructuring, merger and acquisition, tax administration law, intellectual property law, consulting on drafting and negotiating contracts and conditional business lines, sub-licenses ...

Siglaw Firm’s employees and experts

With an experienced team of excellent lawyers and experts, more than 2000 loyal clients have shown our credibility in both domestic and foreign corporate markets. With practical experience, SIGLAW will provide enterprises with an overall, multidimensional and comprehensive view of all internal issues in your business, risk analysis and corporate dominance according to the current Vietnamese law, thereby we can come up with the most optimal and suitable solutions for each specific enterprise.

For many years, SIGLAW  has applied for visas, word permits, temporary residence cards on behalf of behalf of customers in many diferent csres and positions. From the experience gathered in the working process, we have always offered the best solutions to help customers prepare all the necessary files and documents from the beginning to seve costs and time for customers as well as avoid legal risks that may arise in the future.

Main consulting fields that SIGLAW provides:

  • Consulting work permits, visas, temporary residence, different types of permit and visa conversion for foreign workers working in Vietnam.

  • Investment consulting, project consulting, company establishment and finishing the legal system of newly - established enterprises; Consulting and implementing legal procedures for investment projects (IRC), economic organizations (ERC) and sublicenses, practicing licenses (for conditional business lines) for investors who have just established an enterprise in an optimal way of time, cost and compliance with the regulations of Vietnamese law.

  • Consulting on conditional business lines, sub-license application services, business advantage consulting, specific preferential policies for each type of a business according to Vietnamese law; legal risk analysis, corporate governance.

  • Consulting, preparing nationwide or regional market research reports for foreign investors before making investment in Vietnam: consulting on location selection of investment projects, incentives for investment activities by region, report on food and beverage survey; real estate market; consumption goods….

  • Consulting solutions on finance, technology, business management marketing, risk management in the business.

  • Regular legal advice for businesses: consulting on Labor Law; Enterprise Law; Law on social insurance, consulting on drafting labor contracts, contracts arising in business activities; Law on tax administration, accounting, auditing ... etc

Our team of lawyers and legal experts has many years of experience, high professional capacity with responsibility, enthusiasm for the profession. With the service criterion: "Each customer is a brand ambassador", we take the level of customer satisfaction as the main measure to evaluate the company's performance. We also build and maintain a policy of attentive customer care and always listen to customers' opinions in order to improve services so that we can satisfy the requirements of each of the most demanding customers.

SIGLAW’s goal is to build a professional legal consulting organization in Vietnam in order to maximize the benefits of clients who are domestic and foreign investors, businesses operating in all fields, through the provision of legal services, solutions to handling and preventing corporate legal risks. The combination of Vietnamese and foreign lawyers helps us to provide appropriate solutions when consulting issues related to Vietnamese law while still protecting the benefits of clients in the highest international standards.

SIGLAW specializes in legal services for FDI enterprises:

A team of international lawyers and legal experts provide services:

Mrs. Le Dung
Master of Economic Law – Lawyer – Director
Mrs. Doan Hong Nhung
Senior adviser
Mr. Lee Yong Woo
Foreign legal expert
Mr. Kim Minsu
Foreign legal expert
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy
Enterprise legal expert, Tax consultant
Mr. Pham Ngoc Quan
Master of Economic Law – Auditor – Enterprise Tax Law Expert – CIA (The iiA)
Mr. Nguyen Duy Duong
Valuation expert - Financial consultant
Mr Nguyen Manh Chien
Auditor - Appraise - Enterprise Legal Expert
Mr. Tran Manh Thuong
Senior adviser
Mr. Le Minh Tam
Master of Laws, Financial Specialist
Mr. Nguyen Khac Trung
Master of Business Administration
Mr Dong Ngoc Anh
Tax Law Expert, Auditor – CPA, Price Appraiser
Mrs Dao Thi Van Anh
Legal expert in labor law
Ms. Nguyen Nhat Vy
Legal expert

Typical Customer:

Siglaw legal company limited
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Address: Floor 12A Sao Mai building, No. 19 Le Van Luong street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
Hotline: +84 967 818 020
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Hotline: 84 967 818 020
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Address: 21 N4 street, Commercial service and housing complex at No.16/9 Bui Van Ba street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Hochiminh city.
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