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Mr. Lee Yong Woo

Ngày đăng:21/07/2021
Foreign legal expert

Mr. Lee Yong Woo is a Korean enterprise legal expert at SIGLAW Firm. With more than 12 years of experience, Mr. Lee has successfully provided legal consultation and connected many Korean businesses and corporations to invest in the Vietnamese market with diverse industries such as: Real Estate, Textiles, Mechanical, Electricity, Commercial and Services, etc. Mr. Lee is fluent in both English and Vietnamese.

Mr. Lee graduated from the Faculty of Economic Law - Hanoi National University and attended a training course in law practice at the Judicial Academy.

Throughout the course of work, Mr. Lee has directly conducted many consultations, including some typical clients such as:


The history of InvestConsult Group is closely related to the revolution of Vietnam, which is said to be the first consultation company in Vietnam. The idea of ​​establishing a professional consultation company in Vietnam started in 1987 when Mr. Nguyen Tran Bat (engineer, lawyer, and currently the Chairman and General Director of the Company) participated in the establishment process. of the Department for Promotion and Development of Industrial Property Activities in Vietnam, which is the predecessor of INVESTIP Co., LTD. operating under the management of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

With more than 23 years of development, InvestConsult Group today has become a group of leading consultation firms in Vietnam with multi-disciplinary services such as investment consultation, business law, intellectual property, development, administration, finance, etc. InvestConsult Group has more than 40 lawyers, 150 full-time employees and more than 100 collaborators working in Hanoi (Headquarters), Ho Chi Minh City (Southern office), and many provinces in the country.

Mr. Lee is a member and the only foreign legal expert in the Korean market at the Corporation. As a legal consultant, Mr. Lee is in charge of legal consultation for Korean-owned FDI companies. He participates in negotiations and solves the difficulties that customers ecounter. He has also directly provided investment consultation and established many foreign-invested companies in Vietnam, with diverse business lines. He also helps investors to successfully connect many companies with Vietnam-Korea business market and create a friendly cooperation environment.


Sungju BNC Vina Co., Ltd. is a corporation from Korea specializes in the field of Textiles. Sungju BNC Vina is a large manufacturer, specializing in supplying garments and textiles for domestic consumption and export to international markets.

When Sungju BNC Vina approached the Vietnamese market to build a factory to manufacture high-end clothing systems for export in Vietnam.

Mr. Lee has been a foreign legal expert consultant for Sungju BNC Vina since the first days they entered the Vietnamese market. With the language advantage, Mr. Lee easily provided legal consultation and helped customers have the overview on the garment and textile market in Vietnam. He is also a negotiator, applying for permits for projects on environmental protection, fire protection, import and export of quality goods.


Sungsooeng is a large construction corporation from Korea, operating in the field of construction,  installation of refrigeration systems; environmental and mechanical equipment; safety system in industrial zones, export processing zones with large scale and advanced technology from Korea. The company's main customers are foreign-invested enterprises doing business in the field of production and construction of technical infrastructure in export processing zones and high-tech zones. Currently, the company is a subcontractor, taking on the role of design and construction for large corporations such as LG, Samsung, etc.

As a Korean legal expert, he has an advantage over other lawyers when working directly with investors. Understanding the difficulties and aspirations of enterprise, Mr. Lee has directly provided  investment consultation, and established the project in Bac Ninh for the corporation, right from the market survey, company establishment, contract negotiation, and product import and export consultation stage.


JND Hydraulic is a renowned company for quality, service, technology with competitive price in the Korean hydraulic industry. JND Hydraulic has been manufacturing hydraulic systems of all kinds such as: Hydraulic Power Packs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and many related equipment. JND was founded by technical and experienced experts and in hydraulic system in 2003. JND is invested and developed to produce according to the world's hydraulic equipment standards.

With the best efforts to best meet the needs of customers, JND is built with a reputation of leading experts in the Korean domestic industry. JND will continue to devote all its efforts to develop new technology to meet the increasing demands of customers around the world.

Mr. Lee is a legal expert providing legal consultation for the investor of BNC Group in opening more facilities for assembling and retailing hydraulic products such as Hydraulic Power Packs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and many related equipment. He directly provides legal consultation on investment, project establishment and enterprise advantage, tax incentives and regulations related to import and export activities for the company's board of directors.

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