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Mrs. Le Dung

Ngày đăng:21/07/2021
Master of Economic Law – Lawyer – Director

A lawyer with more than 12 years of experience in providing consultation for foreign investors in the field of investment law. At the same time, a price appraiser; Master of Economic Law, Investment Consultant and Law Policy Researcher, Mrs. Dung has directly provided consultation for hundreds of foreign-invested enterprises since they started conducting project surveys and invested in Vietnam in diverse industries. Customers include: Lotte, Samsung, HeyKorea Group, Multinational Restaurant Chain Haidilao, Educational Development Group Point Ave, Korean restaurant chain HS F&B, multinational real estate rental and leasing group Ceo Suite, Gyeongnam, …

Graduated from the Lawyer training course - Vietnam Judicial Academy, Mrs. Dung worked as a personal lawyer for the General Secretary, Vice President of Kocham Association (Korean Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam). She has directly approached and handled enterprise and investment legal issues during the operation of hundreds of foreign-invested companies.

Before taking on the role of CEO at Siglaw Firm, Master - Lawyer Le Dung has worked and held the position of CEO for HS Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. - A company specializing in investment consultation for the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Kocham).

Some typical clients that Lawyer Le Dung has provided consultation are:


Accumulated to September 20, 2020, the total registered capital of Korean enterprises in Vietnam reached more than 70.1 billion USD, accounting for 18.4% of the total registered FDI capital investing in Vietnam. In 2019 alone, Korea invested in Vietnam with a total registered investment capital of 7.92 billion USD, accounting for 20.8% of the total registered FDI capital investing in Vietnam.

Currently, there are about 8,900 Korean enterprises investing in Vietnam and are an important part of the Vietnamese economy, employing over 1,000,000 people and contributing about 25% of the total export value of Vietnam.

Mrs. Dung has been a consultant for the General Secretary, Vice President of KoCham since 2013. During many years of work, she directly  consultations for the member companies of the Chamber when legal and financial problems arise. She also assists the member businesses on legal advantages, tax incentives, and contracts negotiation.


KOTRA was founded in 1962 and so far has formed and developed a system of overseas offices including 127 centers called KBC (Korea Business Centers) in 86 countries around the world. KOTRA Hanoi KBC was established in 1996 in Hanoi and since then has always made every effort to promote trade and investment exchanges between Korea and Vietnam. It can be said that KOTRA plays a leading role in Korea's trade and investment promotion activities and provides overseas business and investment support services for Korean businesses.

Mrs. Dung in particular and Siglaw Firm in general, has provided legal services to KOTRA's clients for the past 5 years. 

Especially new customers invest in Vietnam for the first time. Mrs. Dung assists market survey consultation, pre-investment consultation, foreign-invested companies establishment, contracts negotiation. Provides consultation on business advantages and tax incentives for each specific type of business. 

She is dedicated to her profession, always willing to support businesses in any situation, at any time, to ensure the best interests for foreign investors when they first step into the Vietnamese market.


Haidilao Restaurant owns hundreds of stores in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This restaurant chain also expanded internationally with locations in the US, Singapore, Australia, Korea and Japan. In terms of revenue, Haidilao ended 2017 with $1.6 billion. In September 2018, Haidilao successfully raised $1 billion through an IPO, pushing the group's value to $12 billion.

With more than 300 stores around the world, Haidilao has become a phenomenon in the culinary industry with sales of 1.6 billion/year and total value of up to 12 billion USD.

Right after choosing the Vietnamese market, the Chinese Embassy introduced Mrs. Dung as a consultant for the company's management. From the survey of the F&B culinary market, to the survey of the entire legal corridor in the field of catering, the human resource market and tax incentives for this service. She also directly established 100% foreign-invested Haidilao Co., Ltd, a regular senior legal consultant and a tax consultant for this group. Up to the present, Haidilao restaurant chain has occupied the high-end hot pot market and has grown in Vietnam.


This is a Korean-invested high-class restaurant system, specializing in F&B with Korean cuisine style in Vietnam. 

Currently, the company owns a number of famous Korean restaurant brands in Vietnam such as Bongchu, Gojumong, Gaon, Bornga, Gangnam Bulgogi, Little Viet Nam and the Gardenista... Famous restaurants are located in big buildings and commercial centers of Vietnam such as Lotte building, Vincom Metropolis, Aeon Mall Hanoi, Aeon Mall HCM...

Mrs. Dung has been the only lawyer to provide consultation for the entire HS F&B group and the restaurant chain since 2013. She handles the entire legal corridor, including establishing the company, applying for license, consulting on market development, human resource management, consulting on contract and law, and insurance. She is in charge and manage the entire legal system of the group, and has been a senior consultant for the CEO and Chairman of the group for many years.


AnPsoft, a 100% foreign-owned company belonging to Hey! Korean - with 17 years of experience - is a leading company in the field of providing services from news, shopping, jobs, dining, spa, …. daily essential services for Korean residents in countries around the world. Among them can be mentioned Hey-Market, K-Town, Hey - Club, ... accessed through a system of websites and applications that have been renowned in New York, Korea and other countries. Currently, to expand the market in Vietnam, AnPsoft – Hey! Korean is developing many projects for global web and mobile applications.

Mrs. Dung is a senior lawyer providing consultation on the entire legal corridor for the company right from the beginning of its establishment in Vietnam. Here, the president of ANPSOFT is also a close friend for many years since he invested in this market. The company's main field of activity is related to software production, software export, etc., which is a specific field that receives many tax incentives in accordance with Vietnamese law. She also directly provides consultation on services to complete the legal system, building a legal compliance system and constant investment consultation for the enterprise.


As a member of Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation - Lilama, LISEMCO Joint Stock Company is known as a leading unit in manufacturing, supplying equipment, steel structure for industrial plants and building ships, satisfying all requirements of domestic and international customers. With nearly 50 years of experience, during its operation, LISEMCO always ensures the requirements for quality, construction progress and product cost. Up to the present, LISEMCO has been involved in manufacturing and supplying equipment, steel structures, pressure tanks for many large projects in the fields of Thermal Power Plants, Cement, Oil Refineries, Steel Manufacturing Plants... other projects such as bridges, airports… and building many ships with high technical requirements. Currently, LISEMCO Joint Stock Company has 2 member units, which are LISEMCO 3 Joint Stock Company and LISEMCO 5 Joint Stock Company.

Mrs. Dung is a lawyer consultant and solves all legal, personnel and insurance issues for the corporation. With her many years of experience, she directly participates in the contract negotiation for the executive board. On behalf of the company works with relevant state agencies and handle documents for thousands of employees working here.


Intelligent Building Solution Joint Stock Company (IBS) was founded in April 2006. After 5 years, the company has achieved its goal of reaching out to the Southeast Asian market with the opening of the first foreign office in Singapore in May 2011. By the end of 2012, IBS had 3 domestic offices (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Ngai) and presented in 3 international markets (Singapore, Cambodia and Poland). Typical projects of the company:





Multicampus is a Samsung's human resources specialist company that has grown in  the field of providing education business for corporate executives and employees.

Starting from Samsung's e-Learning service in May 2000, Multicampus has grown into a leader in the education and content services industry in Korea with annual sales of US$200 million. Each year, 1.5 million employees from more than 4,500 companies including Fortune 500 companies are using the company's services.

Multicampus provides services to different clients in different industries such as manufacturing, construction, finance, retail and is currently expanding its services to USA, Mexico, China, Japan, Philippines, etc.

In addition, the company is establishing itself as an HRD service company by expanding into the knowledge-based service business and foreign language testing and education services to enhance its global competitiveness global.

Especially, in the process of entering industry 4.0, the company is taking steps to become an organization leading the trend of human resource development in the future by proposing solutions and differentiated insights that combine core technologies like AI and big data.

Mrs. Dung has provided consultation on increasing investment capital, transferring shares and relocating the company's business headquarters since 2018. She is also a consultant on tax regulations for foreign-invested businesses. The company's fields of activity are also unique and diverse, so she directly provides consultation on business advantages as well as tax incentives for education-related industries in general. She provides consultation on labor law for foreign experts working here.


  • Bachelor of Law 2012 – Faculty of Economic Law, Vietnam National University, Hanoi 

  • Law Practice Certificate 2013 – Judicial Academy – Ministry of Justice

  • Member of Hanoi Bar Association - 2014

  • Master of Economic Law – Academy of Social Sciences - 2019

  • Bachelor of English Language - Hanoi University - 2021

  • Price appraiser – Vietnam Valuation Association, Ministry of Finance

  • Education Overseas Consultant – Ministry of Education

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