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Customers will receive:

  • A set of legal documents on business suspension.

  • Free filing of tax returns, Financial statements for the last year before business suspension.

  • Committed to completing the work on schedule and the fastest execution time in the market.

  • Committed to the most reasonable and economical service implementation cost in the market.

  • Ready to provide legal assistance 24/7 with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and meticulousness of Siglaw's legal team.

When the business is no longer efficient or facing difficulties, the enterprise can choose to proceed with the suspension of the enterprise. Business suspension is when a company temporarily stops conducting business for a period of not exceeding 01 year.

Currently, many enterprises are still unable to grasp the business suspension procedure, so they are still confused in choosing the right method for them.

Conditions for the suspension of business

  • At the time the enterprise registers to suspend its operation, the enterprise is not subject to the tax identification number. If the enterprise has a tax identification number closed due to a serious violation of its tax obligations with the tax authority, the enterprise needs to carry out procedures to restore the paid tax code.

  • During the period of business suspension, the enterprise must fully pay the outstanding tax amount; continue to pay debts, complete the performance of contracts signed with customers and employees, unless otherwise agreed upon by enterprises, creditors, customers and employees.

  • The enterprise must notify the business registration office of the suspension of its operation at least 03 days before the date of suspension.

  • Enterprises register to suspend operations for the company and at the same time may suspend operations for dependent units.

  • Other entities that register their tax identification numbers directly at the tax authorities must obtain certification from the tax authorities before temporarily suspending their business.

Procedure for notification of business suspension

The notification of business suspension shall be made as follows:

  • For enterprises, branches, representative offices, business locations:

Place of application: Business registration office under the Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise's head office is located.

  • For business households:

Place of application: Department of Finance and Planning under the People's Committee of the district where the business household is headquartered.

Legal basis

  • Law on Enterprise 2020.

  • Decree 01/2021/ND-CP on enterprise registration.

Consultation on Business suspension that Siglaw provides:

“Customer satisfaction is Siglaw's measure of success. With us, every customer is a brand ambassador!”

Therefore, Siglaw takes care of each customer in the most thoughtful way, when using Business suspension consultation, customers will receive most enthusiastic support as follows:

  1. Provide consultation on the preparation of necessary documents and information and compose the entire application for business suspension.

  2. Answer and provide consultation on legal regulations related to the business suspension.

  3. Provide consultation to customers in completing all application documents for business suspension

  4. Guide and provide consultation to customers in completing all tax records to finalize taxes and submit reports for the final reporting period of the enterprise before dissolution.

  5. Guide customers on regulations on tax and license fees in the process of business suspension.

Service quality standards:

At Siglaw, with the slogan "Confidential - Responsible - Professional - Prestigious", we establish "Standards for providing services to customers" and all Siglaw's lawyers and experts always perform at the highest level:

1. High professional quality: Our legal services are always counseled and performed by lawyers and experts with deep professional knowledge and experience to ensure the consulting solutions are always accurate, comply with the law and bring high value to customers.
2. Confidentiality: Ensuring the security of customer information is, in any case, always one of our top priorities.
3. Punctuality: We guarantee to meet the requirements of the work deadlines. Accordingly, the work progress will always be closely followed and promptly informed to customers.
4. Quick response: Any exchange, contact or customer request will be responded to quickly, promptly or within 24 hours at the latest.
5. Integrity: We always maintain integrity in all cases, comply with regulations on professional ethics in all cases.
6. Professionalism: We bring professionalism in the deep legal knowledge of our team of Lawyers and Experts in any profession or field; professionalism in multilingual communication when customers always feel easy to exchange work with us in many different languages (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean); professionalism in attitude and working style with customers.
7. Enthusiasm and friendliness: We are always ready to support our customers to the best of our ability and in any case. We ensure that our clients always feel comfortable and at ease with friendly communication with any Lawyer.
8. Simple and Convenient: We always strive to find ways to provide our services in a way that makes our customers feel as comfortable and convenient as possible.
9. Value added: In the process of providing services, we always try our best to provide consulting options/suggestions to help customers compare and choose the best and complete solution.

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