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Website/e-commerce registration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade is a mandatory procedure for an e-commerce website that sells goods via the internet platform.

On the internet today, there are tens of millions of websites with all kinds of content. It is impossible to control the content and operation of all websites of the authorities.

Therefore, websites created by traders and performing one or several commercial functions such as promoting trade, selling goods or providing services, must be registered or notified to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

However, not all businesses are aware of the provisions of the law on the announcement of the sales website or the registration of this sales website.

What is an e-commerce trading floor?

According to the definition in Article 3(9) Decree 52/2013/ND-CP,  E-commerce trading floor is an e-commerce website permitting traders, organizations and individuals that are not the website owner to conduct part or the whole of the process of buying and selling goods or services on that website.

Conditions for the establishment an E-commerce trading floor

Traders and organizations establishing e-commerce trading floors need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Being a legally established trader or organization.

  • There is a service provision project, which includes the following contents:

    • Model of organization and operation, including promotion activities, service marketing, service provision activities both inside and outside the online environment.

    • Decentralization of rights and obligations between traders and organizations providing e-commerce services to service users.

Procedures for the registration of an E-commerce trading floor

Step 1: Traders and organizations register for an account and log in to the e-commerce management portal system.

Step 2: Traders and organizations receive results from the Ministry of Industry and Trade on successful account registration or on the modification of documents (if any).

Step 3: Traders and organizations declare information according to the form and attach registration documents.

Step 4: Traders and organizations receive feedback from the Ministry of Industry and Trade on confirmation of valid and complete dossiers or modification of dossiers (if any).

Step 5: Traders and organizations send to the Ministry of Industry and Trade a complete registration dossier (paper copy).

Step 6: Confirm registration.

If the paper documents are valid and accurate; Traders and organizations will be confirmed to have registered. At this time, the organization or trader will receive a code via the registered email address. This code is used to attach to the website providing e-commerce services, becoming the registration icon.

If the submitted paper documents do not match the information and records entered by the trader or organization via the online system; Traders and organizations will receive notifications via their registered email addresses via that online network.

Siglaw provides consultation on Website/e-commerce registrations:

“Customer satisfaction is Siglaw's measure of success. With us, every customer is a brand ambassador!”

Therefore, Siglaw takes care of each customer in the most thoughtful way, when Sglaw provides consultation on Website/e-commerce registration, customers will receive full support as follows:

  1. Provide consultation on the preparation of necessary documents and information and composing the entire Website/e-commerce registration.

  2. Answer and provide consultation on legal regulations related to Website/e-commerce registration to the competent authority.

  3. Guide customers in editing and supplementing e-commerce websites in accordance with regulations of the competent authority.

  4. Provide consultation on customers to register for an account to log in on the e-commerce management portal and carry out procedures with the competent authority.

With the desire that customers can notify and register for e-commerce websites quickly and conveniently, Siglaw will always strive to fulfill the responsibility that customers place on Siglaw's shoulders in a conscientious, careful, enthusiastic manner. Because, for Siglaw, bringing the values ​​and satisfaction to our customers is our happiness.

Service quality standards:

At Siglaw, with the slogan "Confidential - Responsible - Professional - Prestigious", we establish "Standards for providing services to customers" and all Siglaw's lawyers and experts always perform at the highest level:

1. High professional quality: Our legal services are always counseled and performed by lawyers and experts with deep professional knowledge and experience to ensure the consulting solutions are always accurate, comply with the law and bring high value to customers.
2. Confidentiality: Ensuring the security of customer information is, in any case, always one of our top priorities.
3. Punctuality: We guarantee to meet the requirements of the work deadlines. Accordingly, the work progress will always be closely followed and promptly informed to customers.
4. Quick response: Any exchange, contact or customer request will be responded to quickly, promptly or within 24 hours at the latest.
5. Integrity: We always maintain integrity in all cases, comply with regulations on professional ethics in all cases.
6. Professionalism: We bring professionalism in the deep legal knowledge of our team of Lawyers and Experts in any profession or field; professionalism in multilingual communication when customers always feel easy to exchange work with us in many different languages (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean); professionalism in attitude and working style with customers.
7. Enthusiasm and friendliness: We are always ready to support our customers to the best of our ability and in any case. We ensure that our clients always feel comfortable and at ease with friendly communication with any Lawyer.
8. Simple and Convenient: We always strive to find ways to provide our services in a way that makes our customers feel as comfortable and convenient as possible.
9. Value added: In the process of providing services, we always try our best to provide consulting options/suggestions to help customers compare and choose the best and complete solution.

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