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  • Provide consultation on the process and procedures when it is necessary to adjust or change the operation license to polyclinics.

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Polyclinic business is a special business service, because it directly affects human health. Therefore, the legal conditions and procedures governing the business of polyclinics are very strict.

In order to help clients carry out their business, save time and effort, Siglaw would like to provide the following service on applying for a polyclinic operating license.

What is a polyclinic?

A polyclinic is a form of medical examination and treatment establishment, including:

  • General internal medicine clinic.

  • Polyclinic for internal medicine: cardiology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, pediatrics and other specialties in internal medicine.

  • Clinic providing healthcare consultancy or clinic providing healthcare consultancy using information technology and telecommunications.

  • General surgery clinic.

  • Antenatal clinic.

  • Clinic of andrology.

  • Clinic of odonto-stomatology.

  • Clinic of otolaryngology.

  • Clinic of ophthalmology.

  • Clinic of cosmetology.

  • Clinic of rehabilitation.

  • Clinic of psychiatry.

  • Clinic of oncology.

  • Clinic of dermatology.

  • Clinics specializing in traditional medicine.

  • Nutrition Clinic of nutrition.

  • Clinic of drug rehabilitation.

  • Clinic of HIV/AIDS treatment.

  • Laboratory.

  • Clinic of diagnostic imaging, X-ray room.

  • Clinic for consultation and preventive treatment.

  • Clinic of occupational disease treatment.

Polyclinics need a Business Registration Certificate as well as an Operating License issued by a competent authority in order to operate. In particular, the operating license to polyclinics is a document issued by the Director of the Department of Health for medical examination and treatment establishment that fully meets the conditions as prescribed by law.

Conditions of operating polyclinics

To be granted an operation license, a polyclinic have to meet the following conditions:

a. About facilities

  • Having a fixed location, separate from daily-life activities, having sufficient light, dustproof ceiling and wall and floor made of materials which can be cleaned easily.

  • Having a place for patient reception and a medical clinic with an area of ​​at least 10m2.

  • Satisfying the conditions of radiation safety, hospital waste management and fire and explosion prevention.

  • A sterilization area must be arranged to handle reusable medical instruments.

  • Having enough electricity, water and other conditions to serve and take care of patients.

b. About medical equipment

  • Having sufficient medical equipment and instruments suitable to the practice scope that the facility registered.

  • Having anti-shock first aid kits and sufficient specialized emergency drugs.

c. About personnel

- There must be a person in charge of professional expertise who needs meet the following conditions:

  • Being a doctor with a Practicing Certificate suitable for the specialty registered by the clinic.

  • Having at least 54 months of medical examination and treatment in that specialty.

- Other people working in polyclinics, if conducting medical examination and treatment, must have Practice Certificates and only perform medical examination and treatment within the scope of their assigned jobs.

Business of medical examination and treatment services is a conditional business, so the Operation license to polyclinics is a required document when you want to open a polyclinic. With the desire to accompany clients and help clients save time and effort, Siglaw with dedication and enthusiasm would like to provide to clients the service on applying for an operation license to polyclinics:

Siglaw provides consultation on applying for an operation license for polyclinic:

"Client satisfaction is Siglaw's measure of success. With us, every client is a brand ambassador!"

Therefore, Siglaw takes care of each clients in the most thoughtful way, when Siglaw provides consultation on applying for polyclinic operating license, clients will receive full support, maximum all procedures documents are as follows:

  1. Provide consultation on legal issues related to the operation license to polyclinics, and the law provisions on the conditions to be granted the operation license.

  2. Provide consultation on  the conditions of clinic size, facilities, personnel and medical equipment necessary to operate the polyclinic.

  3. Provide consultation to clients on preparing necessary dossiers and documents for the procedure of applying for an operation license to polyclinics, notarize and legalize documents.

  4. Provide consultation on drafting an application for operation licenses and submit them to the local competent authority.

  5. Guide and support the clinic to prepare facilities, personnel, equipment and documents to receive the evaluation team of the competent authority.

  6. Monitor the procedure of processing dossiers, amend and supplement upon request from competent state agencies.

Service quality standards:

At Siglaw, with the slogan "Confidential - Responsible - Professional - Prestigious", we establish "Standards for providing services to customers" and all Siglaw's lawyers and experts always perform at the highest level:

1. High professional quality: Our legal services are always counseled and performed by lawyers and experts with deep professional knowledge and experience to ensure the consulting solutions are always accurate, comply with the law and bring high value to customers.
2. Confidentiality: Ensuring the security of customer information is, in any case, always one of our top priorities.
3. Punctuality: We guarantee to meet the requirements of the work deadlines. Accordingly, the work progress will always be closely followed and promptly informed to customers.
4. Quick response: Any exchange, contact or customer request will be responded to quickly, promptly or within 24 hours at the latest.
5. Integrity: We always maintain integrity in all cases, comply with regulations on professional ethics in all cases.
6. Professionalism: We bring professionalism in the deep legal knowledge of our team of Lawyers and Experts in any profession or field; professionalism in multilingual communication when customers always feel easy to exchange work with us in many different languages (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean); professionalism in attitude and working style with customers.
7. Enthusiasm and friendliness: We are always ready to support our customers to the best of our ability and in any case. We ensure that our clients always feel comfortable and at ease with friendly communication with any Lawyer.
8. Simple and Convenient: We always strive to find ways to provide our services in a way that makes our customers feel as comfortable and convenient as possible.
9. Value added: In the process of providing services, we always try our best to provide consulting options/suggestions to help customers compare and choose the best and complete solution.

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